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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

Our Basic Position
From the lows of July, Gold is a double and Silver is a triple.

28 August 2015
This weekend is a writing weekend as Trading Thoughts goes
out on Sunday. Will be back here next week.

21 August 2015

$Gold: $1,158
Signal Oscillator:   97%    Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,188
28 Days since $Gold bottom
$Gold an absolute buy under $1,200

$Silver:   $15.4
Signal Oscillator:   81%    Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $16.2
28 Days since $Silver bottom
Silver an absolute buy under $17

With stock markets collapsing, $Gold found a bottom. Collapse of the high
flying garbage in the NASDAQ 100 is impressive, and indicates a systemic
problem in the U.S. stock market. U.S. dollar is losing ground against other
important currencies such yen, pound, and Euro. Popular forecast of past
few months has been that the Euro was going to parity, Euro = $1. Sorry
forecasters, you were wrong. Euro = $1.1299. Dollar rally starting to weaken.

That all said, both could move laterally to ease over bought conditions.

Both $Gold and $Silver are buys at these prices.

$Gold will double from the low and $Silver will triple.

We have updated the sample newsletters above.

7 August 2015
$Gold:   $1,095
Signal Oscillator:   35% neutral
Days since bottom:   15 days
$Gold is absolute buy under $1,200

$Silver:   $14.9
Signal Oscillator:   50% neutral
Days since bottom:   15 days
$Silver is absolute buy under $17

Of interest is what is not happening. For some time we have seen Gold weaken
materially at 4am EDT. That seems to be happening less and less, and with
less power. Today the U.S. labor report came out and it should have sent
Gold down. It did, but only for a very short time and as we
write Gold is up for the day.

Other positive development is the collapse this week of the big NASDAQ favorites. For
some time these fantasy stocks have been immune to reality. This week reality arrived,
and it hurt them bad. Was enjoyable smelling that garbage burning. Gold is the contra
asset to stocks, and stocks are headed for rougher times, not better times.

25 July 2015
$Gold:   $1,099
Oscillator:   12%   Wildly Over Sold!
200-day Moving Average:   $1,193
$Gold a Buy under $1,200

$Silver:   $14.7
Oscillator:   18%   Over Sold!
200-day Moving Average:    $16.4

Had no idea a rogue trader in China would spoil our week. That sure happened.
Now the Street firmly believes that China’s economy is on the verge of crashing
into oblivion. If China is going to “disappear”, then obviously all commodities
are going to zero. Chinese citizens will not ever eat again or every buy
another measure of Gold. Hmmm. Could reality be actually different?

With emotions running to an extreme last week, $Gold is now priced for a double. One
needs to look at the risk reward on $Gold. Downside may be $995 while the upside
perhaps $2,200 in two years. With that set of possibilities, Gold is an absolute BUY!

18 July 2015
$Gold:   $1,133  
Signal Oscillator: 7% Deeply Oversold
Absolute Buy Below $1,200

$Silver:   $14.8
Signal Oscillator: 22% Oversold
Absolute Buy Below $17

After the absurdity of markets last week $Gold is set up to likely double from
current prices. We are working on an article that should go out to web sites
on Monday. Valuation is strongly in favor of $Gold over U.S. equities.

Sentiment, while hard to believe, is also improving. Brett Arends of
last week in an article, “Top money managers are turning to gold — should you?”,  
reported on a survey of 120 institutional investors by Bank of America Merrill Lynch
on Gold. Firm has been doing this survey for 12 years. Gold bulls outnumber bears
by 1%. While admittedly that is not a large majority, last time they were positive
on Gold was February, 2009 when price of Gold was slightly above $900.
Gold price went on to do quite well.

10 July 2015
$Gold:   $1,162
Signal Oscillator:   26%   Over Sold
Absolute Buy Under $1,200

$Silver:   $15.6
Signal Oscillator:   41%   Neutral, but coming off over sold.
Absolute Buy Under $17

hicken Little was in charge of the Street this past week, and the teenage traders were
obeying his commands. Monday morning the Street decided AGAIN that Greece would
collapse into economic chaos and the EU would fall apart. Buy dollars they screamed.
And with that nonsensical view they also sold off Gold and Silver. By Friday apparent
that Greece would get a deal, and the EU would still exist next week.
Chicken Little and CNBC were wrong again. But, where is the news in that?

At the same time the entire Chinese economy is going into a massive collapse because
their stock market is correcting. Of the more than 1.2 billion Chinese a small percentage
have exposure to the stock market. Chinese economy and stock market will still be
growing when the windows of CNBC are boarded up. By the way in the July letter we
show that Chinese stock market is approaching a major buying opportunity this year.

July issue of
Value View Gold Report to be mailed out Wednesday, 15 July.

3 July 2015
$Gold:   $1,168
Signal Oscillator:   11%   Deeply Over Sold
Buy Signal:    2 July

$Silver:   $15.7
Signal Oscillator:   14%   Deeply Over Sold
Buy Signal:   2 July

239 days since Gold bear market ended!

Greece as a nation does not matter to Gold. Closing of Greek banks may indeed matter.
Will the fear of banks spread elsewhere? Is Italy next?
Those are the important questions.

Puerto Rico and Greece together may raise some serious questions.
Government guarantees are meaningless if that nation cannot print a currency.
State of Illinois next?

Dollar rally has been over for months, despite effort last week to resurrect it.

Sell U.S. stocks. Buy Gold and Silver. Nothing else one needs to know.

Do take a look at

19 June 2014
$Gold:   $1,203
Signal Oscillator:   76%   Neutral / Slightly Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,206   -$3
Absolute Buy:   <  $1,200

$Silver:   $16.2  
Signal Oscillator:   42%    Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $16.65  -$0.45
Absolute Buy:   <  $17

Thank you Federal Reserve. We appreciate your incompetence.
Our Gold continues will benefit from your policies. Keep up the good work!

Has now been 225 days, or 7 months 13 days, since Gold and Silver made bear market
lows. Time to declare the bear market in Gold and Silver DEAD.

What the FOMC really said this week is, one, it is too scared to raise rates,
and, two, rate increases over the next fifteen months will be restrained and as non
damaging. The wimps are just afraid to act. All that is good for Gold and Silver.

Quit thinking bear market. Time to buy and hold both metals.
$Gold is priced as it was in 2007.

Read at this link:

$Gold: Year 2007 Again  
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