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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts
can be found at the bottom.

Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

25 October 2014

$Gold: $1,231 Signal Oscillator: 44%, neutral, moving down from over bought condition
$Silver: $17.20 Signal Oscillator: 42%, neutral, moving down from slightly over bought

Was a frantic week for those bullish on the Techno/Junk trading on the NASDAQ. With the equity market
having peaked, depending on the measure, in August-September they are desperate to resurrect their
collapsing Tehno/Junk. Amazon, one of their long-term favorites, has now collapsed. Which will be next?

In the thinking of the mindless twits that run these funds this was the week to rejuvenate strategies that are
clearly out of date. Dollar was another one. They pushed hard to move the dollar higher, but it has a clear
top in place. As the dollar develops into a bear market out of that top, Gold will move higher. A bear
market in U.S. stocks will also help. Wednesday, the 29th, is the big day when FOMC ends tapers, and
with it dies the hopes and fantasies of the speculative funds. Hold that Gold!

Also recorded web cast this past week for

17 October 2014

$Gold: $1233 Signal Oscillator: 87% Overbought, short-term, due to run from $1,195.
$Silver: $$17.25 Signal Oscillator: 55% Neutral

How does one describe the desperation of funds in the equity market? Unwilling to accept that a bear is
creeping throughout equity markets, the funds are pushing their favorites up. Investors should be selling
NASDAQ with exuberance. With NASDAQ up strongly on Friday, 25 new highs and 21 new lows.
Narrowness of advance is a sign of weakness that should not be ignored.

Dollar down for the second week in a row. Chinese Renminbi at highest level since early Summer.
Dollar’s rally seems to have been broken. Dollar should continue to weaken, benefitting Gold.


10 October 2014

$Gold: $1,222 Signal Oscillator: 57% Neutral reading, but deeply under valued.
$Silver: $17.3 Signal Oscillator: 21% Over sold, and deeply under valued.

Dollar appears to be on verge of collapsing out of parabolic formation.
U.S. equity market in serious trouble. Russell 2000 hits new 52-week low!
That event is MAJOR technical failure in U.S. equity market.
NASDAQ market on verge of collapse, though recurring rally attempts will be made.
SELL all NASDAQ issues and hold Gold.
October Value View Gold Report to be emailed on Wednesday.
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3 October 2014
$Gold: $1,193 Extremely Oversold Condition
$Silver: $16.9 Extremely Oversold Condition


As we discussed in the 30 September letter the U.S. dollar is in a massive parabolic formation.
This pattern always leads to a collapse. $Gold and especially $Silver in inverted parabolic patterns. This
situation is highly unstable. When and how badly the dollar collapses are the only relevant questions.

BUY Gold and Silver. SELL all NASDAQ issues.

19 September 2014
$Gold: $1,216 Signal Oscillator: 1% Incredibly Oversold
$Silver: $18.00 Signal Oscillator: 0% Double Incredibly Oversold

*****FLASH ALERT*****
Sell everything you own. Sell all your stocks, take second mortgage on house, and advertise your children or
grandchildren on Craig list. All proceeds should be invested immediately in Alibaba(NYSE: BABA). This is
the true path to wealth, and is a sure thing. Must be true as we read that on the internet.

Well, as crazy as it sounds, the above is exactly what is happening today. Only on rare occasion has Gold
and Silver been this cheap relative to the mania now occurring in equity markets. English language does not
have a word to adequately describe this mania. Every time such emotions have taken control of the
investment community a painful experience develops. This time will be no different.

12 September 2014
$Gold: $1,228 Signal Oscillator: 2% Extremely Oversold
$Silver: $18.58 Signal Oscillator: 3% Extremely Oversold.
Trading funds have ravaged currency markets this past week. Rarely have we observed currencies
being hammered to the extreme as has been the case all week. Looking much like a selling climax on
currencies, and a buying climax on the U.S. dollar. Sell off of Gold is a pure momentum trade on the
part of the funds. No fundamentals support the sell off. Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) IPO looks to be
incredibly over subscribed. Technology mania is likely seeing an extreme. BABA IPO will mark the
end of the technology mania. NASDAQ headed for dramatic collapse.
Buy Gold in all currencies.

5 September 2014
Sent to subscribers following email. Had believed that we would get a buy signal on $Gold yesterday,
Thursday, but that did not happen. Too many short-term moves up and down in markets.
So, here is where it stands today. $Gold = $1,266   $Silver = $19.05
All comments below assume prices at or below those above. $Gold: Buy signal no later than
Tuesday/Wednesday. Euro Gold: Really hard to call. Over bought due to weak currency. But Euro is going
lower, so hold on. UK Gold: Same situation as Euro Gold. CN $Gold: Continues oversold. Buy.
Indian RGold: Buy China YGold: Buy signal to hit Monday/Tuesday.
That all said, Putin playing with the West. He takes two steps forward and one step backwards.
At this point, Putin continues in total control of situation. Putin = Long Term Buy On Gold.
Have a nice weekend.

29 August 2014
$Gold: $1,289 Oscillator: 39% Neutral
$Silver: $19.6 Oscillator: 33% Neutral
Sending out
Trading Thoughts tomorrow. Generally speaking, nearly every chart on Gold has developed
major and well defined resistance levels. Rule of old is that well defined and widely identifiable
resistance, or support, levels are taken out with a vengeance. Given the background of Ukraine, Middle
East, an over bought U. S. stock market, and a U.S. president that is clueless, odds favor Gold moving
higher. Buy signal on Canadian $Gold. Charts for GDX and GDXJ are extremely bullish, and that
supports our positive view of Gold and Silver. Watch those ETFs!

22 August 2014
$Gold: $1,280 Oscillator: 29% Oversold
$Silver: $19.4 Oscillator: 9% Extremely Oversold
$Gold moving to a buy signal possibly some time next week. We always send these signals
out to subscribers and Twitter followers. However, Putin may interrupt that development.
Russian convoy moved into Ukraine. Putin has not given up on his intention to absorb eastern Ukraine.
Could get ugly, and Gold will move up immediately should that happen. Silver in one of longest
running periods of being over sold. U.S. stock market in hyper mania/bubble. Sell U.S. stocks.
See our web cast on

15 August 2014
$Gold: $1,305 Oscillator: 67% Slightly Overbought
$Silver: $19.6 Oscillator: 17% Oversold Buy Signal Triggered
What DOES Soros know? Well, he does understand Europe somewhat more than "journalists"
writing for investment web sites. He now has a massive position in S&P 500 puts.
Ukraine shooting Russians? That seems to be the report. And on the Street, the teenage traders just
want more Techno/Junk trading on NASDAQ. What will be Putin's next move? Why does Obama
feel the need to return to Washington from vacation? Whatever is to happen,
Gold is the investment to own. Stock market HIGHLY RISKY.
Emailed Value View Gold Report for August today. Extensive discussion of Putin's strategy.