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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

27 March 2015

$Gold:  $1,199   Signal Oscillator: 79%   Over Bought [Do Not Buy imminent]
$Silver: $17   Signal Oscillator: 83%   Over Bought; Do Not Buy

NOTE: When market becomes seriously over bought after a rally, we rate it Do Not Buy.
That condition suggests the market is likely to rest or retrace some of the recent rally.
We would wait till the next Buy signal to add to positions.

THE question right now is whether or not the dollar is breaking down. Chart is starting to
have that look. If so, then Gold is poised to go significantly higher. FOMC,
a group of bewildered college professors, seem uncertain about raising interest rates.
They may make on increase, but after that they will revert to being wimps.

At the present time, simply wait for the next buy signal.

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20 March 2015

$Gold:   $1,182   Signal Oscillator:  46%   Neutral & Rising
$Silver:   $16.8   Signal Oscillator: 49%   Neutral & Rising

Primary motivation for owning Gold, regardless of where one lives, is the notion that
central banks will generally always make the wrong decision. This past week
the FOMC had the opportunity to begin correcting the wreckless monetary
policy of recent years. Rather, it played word games with “patient”
and “impatient”. The FOMC could not manage a row boat.

With the FOMC’s failure to act, which was a surprise to everyone including us, the dollar
collapsed. Entire rationale for the dollar’s rally, rising interest rates, was kicked out from
under it. Gold moved sharply higher as the dollar’s rally was broken.

Gold is likely to move higher, with runs up and down, as the U.S. financial bubble
continues to expand and the growing risk of dollar denominated debt creating a global
meltdown. Hold on to your Gold and Silver, the FOMC is as incompetent as ever.

March issue of V
alue View Gold Report was emailed out on 15 March.

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7 March 2015
$Gold:  $1,168   Signal Oscillator: 33%   Daily Oscillator:  0%
$Silver:   $15.9   Signal Oscillator: 21%   Daily Oscillator: 0%

We have been bullish on Gold for some time.
We are now ROARING BULL on Gold.

Last time the ratio of $Gold / S&P 500 was this low was at the end of 2007.
Price of Gold at that time was $830, and it went on to double from there!

Ratio of $Gold / S&P 500:   56%
If S&P 500 correctly priced, Gold should rise by 107%
If $Gold correctly priced, S&P 500 should fall by 52%

Friday’s action was another leg in the Dollar Bubble.
When it bursts is the only question, not if!

21 February 2015
$Gold: $1,204   Signal Oscillator:   4%  Oversold!
$Silver:   $16.25   Signal Oscillator:   12% Oversold!
Buy signals sill in effect.

Only in 2009 and before has Gold been in the current situation. Based on
valuation, if S&P is correctly value $Gold should rise by 100%(2007).
Silver-to-Gold ratio as it was in 2009. Both metals deeply oversold.
All that is needed to a catalyst to light the flame!

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15 February 2015
$Gold:   $1,228   Signal Oscillator:   12%   Oversold!
$Silver:   $17.3   Signal Oscillator:   16% on Friday   Oversold!
Buy signals on Gold and Silver have been in effect all past week.

Finished and emailed the February issue of Value View Gold Report this day.
This issue is one of the most bullish we have written in years. In particular,
the Silver-to-Gold ratio is giving its third signal in 7 years, and it is a buy.

Am so bullish on Gold that we are going to introduce a trial subscription
for the first time in years. To receive
Value View Gold Report for
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6 February 2015

$Gold:   $1,234   Signal Oscillator:   16%   Oversold!
$Silver:   $16.65   Signal Oscillator:   17%   Oversold!

On Thursday, 5 February, we emailed list of buy signals for the coming week to
subscribers. With that information, you would have known that we
were expecting weakness and when to take advantage of it.

On Friday, 30 January, we mailed Trading Thoughts to subscribers.
That report talked of expecting weakness after strong over bought condition.
You would have been prepared for action in this week.

With the U.S. employment data being released today, investors should be prepared for a U.
S. interest rate increase in June. That action will begin to devastate U.S. equities.
Already the momentum in the U.S. equity market has been broken.

For dollar and $Gold, the Street has already sold on the rumor.
Time for buying on the news will then arrive.

23 January 2015

$Gold:   $1,294   Signal Oscillator:  99%   Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,253   +$42

$Silver:   $18.3   Signal Oscillator:  96%   Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $$18.4   -$0.14

Stochastic oscillators become overbought when markets make a nice, strong run up, as
both Gold and Silver have done recently. We label such periods as “Do Not Buy”.
We never recommend selling Gold given the ineptitude of today’s central banks.  

Thanks to the “college professors” playing with monetary policy at Swiss National Bank
and ECB, Gold has performed strongly for most investors. Investors in nations such as
Canada and the EU have had their wealth protected well by Gold. They would have been
plain dumb for selling Gold to buy stocks. And certainly they would have been punished by
joining the nitwits that were short Swiss francs. This week we await latest economic
nonsense from the Federal Reserve, and the Street’s attempt
to turn it into as bullish story for stocks.

Bear market in Gold and Silver has been broken. Hold your metals, and buy on price
weakness. Sell U.S. equities into any rally.