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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

24 April 2015

$Gold:   $1,176   Signal Oscillator:   11%   Over Sold
BUY signal continues.

$Silver:   $15.7   Signal Oscillator:   7%   Over Sold
BUY signal continues.
Silver is a BUY under $16.

Well, the teenager traders are running amok through the Gold and Silver markets today.
They are selling Gold and buying all the techno junk on the NASDAQ.
Manifestation of the Greater Fool Theory is readily apparent. Under that theory one buys
a stock hoping that a “greater fool” will buy it from them later at a higher price.
Ignored is the possibility that they are the “greater fool”
that just bought it from the previous buyer.

Gold and Silver are deeply over sold. As we have written recently, see financialsense.
com, Gold has not been as cheap relative to S&P 500 since 2007
when Gold closed the year at $833.

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17 April 2015
$Gold:   $1,204  Signal Oscillator:   55%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,227
Note that is also important resistance.

$Silver:   $16.25   22%   Over Sold
200-Day Moving Average:   $17.41

Stock market collapsing! Get accustomed to it! Today is only the beginning!
The April issue of
Value View Gold Report, emailed on
Wednesday, was our most bullish yet.
We believe that in the Summer of 2016 forecasts of $2,000 Gold
will be common, and that this time they may be right.

Dollar has broken down out of a parabolic rise. At least half of the dollar’s
rally will be erased, zapped, eliminated, disappear. Only desperate dollar bulls
will be able to find anything bullish in their charts. $Gold will benefit dramatically.

Silver in 2016?  Think in numbers no one will believe.

We are so bullish that we are offering a $50 credit to any new
subscription, and we will send you the April issue to
help adjust your thinking to the new reality for Gold.

10 April 2015

$Gold:   $1,206   Signal Oscillator:  64%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,231

$Silver:   $16.55   Signal Oscillator: 48%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $17.56

Street returned to work on Monday after the Easter holidays ready to do more
of the same. Confused to what the Federal Reserve might do, they returned to
what had worked in the past. They bought stocks on Monday and went on to buy
dollar/sell currencies. It worked last year, why shouldn’t it work now?

Unfortunately for them, the FOMC will raise rates once in the next few months,
and then nothing till sometime in 2016. That reality means the dollar bull market
story is dead. Dollar already showing a topping pattern out of parabolic rise.
That is an ominous development. $Gold is likely to continue strengthening. Some
resistance at $1,230-1,250 and then none till $1,350.

April issue of
Value View Gold Report goes out on Wednesday.
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27 March 2015

$Gold:  $1,199   Signal Oscillator: 79%   Over Bought [Do Not Buy imminent]
$Silver: $17   Signal Oscillator: 83%   Over Bought; Do Not Buy

NOTE: When market becomes seriously over bought after a rally, we rate it Do Not Buy.
That condition suggests the market is likely to rest or retrace some of the recent rally.
We would wait till the next Buy signal to add to positions.

THE question right now is whether or not the dollar is breaking down. Chart is starting
to have that look. If so, then Gold is poised to go significantly higher. FOMC,
a group of bewildered college professors, seem uncertain about raising interest rates.
They may make on increase, but after that they will revert to being wimps.

At the present time, simply wait for the next buy signal.

Value View Gold Report Trading Thoughts will be mailed out on Monday, 30 March.

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20 March 2015

$Gold:   $1,182   Signal Oscillator:  46%   Neutral & Rising
$Silver:   $16.8   Signal Oscillator: 49%   Neutral & Rising

Primary motivation for owning Gold, regardless of where one lives, is the notion that
central banks will generally always make the wrong decision. This past week
the FOMC had the opportunity to begin correcting the wreckless monetary
policy of recent years. Rather, it played word games with “patient”
and “impatient”. The FOMC could not manage a row boat.

With the FOMC’s failure to act, which was a surprise to everyone including us, the
dollar collapsed. Entire rationale for the dollar’s rally, rising interest rates, was kicked out
from under it. Gold moved sharply higher as the dollar’s rally was broken.

Gold is likely to move higher, with runs up and down, as the U.S. financial bubble
continues to expand and the growing risk of dollar denominated debt creating a global
meltdown. Hold on to your Gold and Silver, the FOMC is as incompetent as ever.

March issue of V
alue View Gold Report was emailed out on 15 March.

Have updated sample newsletter offered above.

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7 March 2015
$Gold:  $1,168   Signal Oscillator: 33%   Daily Oscillator:  0%
$Silver:   $15.9   Signal Oscillator: 21%   Daily Oscillator: 0%

We have been bullish on Gold for some time.
We are now ROARING BULL on Gold.

Last time the ratio of $Gold / S&P 500 was this low was at the end of 2007.
Price of Gold at that time was $830, and it went on to double from there!

Ratio of $Gold / S&P 500:   56%
If S&P 500 correctly priced, Gold should rise by 107%
If $Gold correctly priced, S&P 500 should fall by 52%

Friday’s action was another leg in the Dollar Bubble.
When it bursts is the only question, not if!

21 February 2015
$Gold: $1,204   Signal Oscillator:   4%  Oversold!
$Silver:   $16.25   Signal Oscillator:   12% Oversold!
Buy signals sill in effect.

Only in 2009 and before has Gold been in the current situation. Based on
valuation, if S&P is correctly value $Gold should rise by 100%(2007).
Silver-to-Gold ratio as it was in 2009. Both metals deeply oversold.
All that is needed to a catalyst to light the flame!

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$Gold is priced as it was in 2007.

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  $Gold: Year 2007 Again