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We have been talking about the Bear market in
U.S. stocks for months. Gold is the only alternative.
Ned's Random Gold Thoughts
can be found at the bottom.

Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

15 August 2014
$Gold: $1,305 Oscillator: 67% Slightly Overbought
$Silver: $19.6 Oscillator: 17% Oversold Buy Signal Triggered
What DOES Soros know? Well, he does understand Europe somewhat more than "journalists"
writing for investment web sites. He now has a massive position in S&P 500 puts.
Ukraine shooting Russians? That seems to be the report. And on the Street, the teenage traders just
want more Techno/Junk trading on NASDAQ. What will be Putin's next move? Why does Obama
feel the need to return to Washington from vacation? Whatever is to happen,
Gold is the investment to own. Stock market HIGHLY RISKY.
Emailed Value View Gold Report for August today. Extensive discussion of Putin's strategy.

8 August 2014
$Gold: $1,312 Oscillator: 59% Neutral
$Silver: $12,98  Oscillator: 20% Oversold
One really should be awed by the widespread ignorance in the U.S. investment community. Putin still
many steps ahead of Obama(We will explain the strategy behind the food import ban in August
letter.). Obama's total leadership failure in the Middle East. And, a bear market in U.S. stocks beginning.
With all that they sold Gold and tried to bought stocks on Friday. How can they be that dumb?
Gold is THE asset to own at the present. $1,350 is the key price to watch.
Above it, nothing but blue sky!

1 August 2014
$Gold: $1,294   Oscillator: 26% Over Sold
$Silver: $20.3   Oscillator: 16% Over Sold
We reiterated our Buy recommendation on Thursday as both Gold and Silver had again become
deeply oversold. We have been warning for months that the U.S. stock market was a dangerous
place for your money to reside. However, the excessive optimism of fund managers has been only
modestly dampened. Street is still home to raging bulls. U.S. stock market will fall to levels not
imaginable by Fall of 2015. Techno/Junk on NASDAQ most vulnerable.
Gold is THE alternative investments! Updated sample reports.
August Sale: One year subscription 25% off through 8 August.
To take advantage of offer, email Invoice will be sent to you.

25 July 2014
$Gold: $1,294 Oscillator: 14% Over Sold
$Silver: $20.4 15% Over Sold
A Buy signal has been sent out on both Gold and Silver in all currencies.
Complacency in investment community may be a at a record high. Ukrainian rebels shoot down
two Ukrainian fighter jets and Russia shells Ukrainian positions. Response: Investors rush into Facebook.
Gold is the under valued asset and should be owned as the U.S. stock market is nearing the start of a death
spiral. Amazon's report demonstrated that the entire Techno/Junk complex trading on the NASDA
is vulnerable to collapse. Gold and Silver are the assets to own!

18 July 2014
$Gold: $1,310 Oscillator: 34% Slightly Over Sold
$Silver: $20.85 Oscillator:  42%  Neutral
Gold had been over bought. Monday's sell off, though irrational, was due. We thought the move would
continue slightly lower, setting up a buy signal for next week. Then Malaysian airline was
destroyed by a rocket. Lessons to be learned from this event. reported
this morning that other SE Asian airlines had been avoiding Ukrainian airspace for months. Malaysian
airline was
complacent, and paid the price. Today the US stock market turned up on Friday. Reason
for that reversal is
complacency. Thinking is "no war today", so back to trading based on all their fantasies.
For years we have warned of Putin. He is a reason to own Gold. Barring some event, believe Gold
will move basically laterally with perhaps somewhat of a positive bias. That may build conditions
for a buy signal in 5-8 trading days. Stay tuned!

11 July 2014
$Gold: $1,335 Oscillator: 73% Over bought
$Silver: $21.40 Oscillator: 82% Over bought
Clearly, Gold and Silver are in the early stages of a new bull market.
The nonsense in the U.S. stock market is being exposed, and it will get ugly in the coming year.
Over bought condition is part of the situation when price is breaking out to the up side.
Magic number to watch is $22 on Silver. At that price Silver will be up 20% from low.
Every journalist will then be writing about the bull market in metals.
Hold your metals, and SELL all Techno/Junk trading on NASDAQ.  : )

4 July 2014
$Gold: $1,319 Oscillator: 74% Slightly below overbought
$Silver: $21.10 Oscillator: 88% Overbought
Gold had been very overbought and U.S. employment report, which was not as good
as the cheerleaders claim, is always an excuse to sell off Gold. We actually need some
calmness or weakness in Gold to correct the overbought condition. Any weakness in Gold of two days
or more should be used to add to Gold holdings. Both AEM & GOLD hit new 52 week highs
this week. Silver's strength< +8% from year ago, demonstrates that it is now in bull market.
Silver resistance at $22, then nothing but blue sky!

27 June 2014
$Gold: $1,318 Oscillator: 94% Overbought
$Silver: $21.05 Oscillator: 94% Overbought
Both markets are overbought, at least in short-term. That situation will likely be resolved in one of two
ways. Both markets could consolidate, move basically laterally, for some period of tine. A second
possibility is that the market is struggling in a rise to move through recent resistance. That resistance is
at essentially $1,325 in the cash market. A close above $1,325 for $Gold and ~$22 for $Silver would
be extremely bullish. Gold has outperformed most popular investments thus far in 2014.
Funds will not remain wrong for long!

20 June 2014
$Gold: $1,316 Oscillator: 92% Overbought
$Silver: $20.9 Oscillator: 99% Overbought
WOW! Gold and Silver had been over sold and the negative psychology was massive.
Only thing that could then happen was for both to rise dramatically, and they did.
Now both are overbought on a short-term basis as one would expect to be the case.
$Gold has some minor resistance up to $1,375, and then no meaningful resistance to stop it.
For $Silver some resistance through $22. After the dramatic surge this past week
a period of rest would seem likely. But, clearly the bears were burned badly and
they may be reluctant to put their paws in the fire again.

13 June 2014
$Gold: $1,274 Oscillator: 62% Neutral
$Silver: $19.6 Oscillator: 65% Neutral
Iraq situation was catalyst for, not cause of, Gold moving off recent lows. 200 day moving average is
$1,289. A move above ~$1,305-1,310 would have extremely positive implications for Gold. Silver has
again shown that $19 may be a "hard" bottom. Final blow for U.S. equities may hit on 18 June.
FOMC  should announce another reduction in monthly monetization of U.S. debt.
That would be #5, and  mean the bear market in U.S. stocks will only get stronger.
Sell U.S. stocks and hold your Gold and Silver.

6 June 2014
$Gold: $1,250 Oscillator: 13% Oversold
$Silver: $19.0 Oscillator: 25% Oversold
$Gold has now been firmly oversold for 8 trading days. Sentiment on Street toward Gold
could not possibly be more negative. On 18 June FOMC should announce another reduction in the
monthly monetization of U.S. government debt, to $35 billion monthly. U.S. stock market
extremely vulnerable to this tightening of monetary policy. Sell U.S. stocks, buy Gold.
Silver is "flatlining" in the charts. A flatlining chart pattern is a sign of a bottom, not a top.