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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

Our Basic Position
From the lows of July, Gold is a double and Silver is a triple.

12 February 2016

We are busy writing the February newsletter, so out time is devoted to
that effort. In the past week $Gold has come alive, and taken out all
relevant short-term resistance. That said, a modest correction was needed
and seems to be in process. Should continue into next week.
Tuesday will be the interesting day.
Chinese market reopens on Monday and U.S. markets are closed.

So optimistic we are offering for the first time ever,
a six month trial subscription for US$89.
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5 February 2016

$Gold:   $1,154
Signal Oscillator:   94%   Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,129   +$25
Short-Term High: $1,162.9

$Silver:   $14.8
Signal Oscillator:   83%   Overbought
200-Day Moving Average:   $15.10   -$0.12
Short-Term High: $15.05

The Street keeps ignoring several realities. Those are that U.S. stocks are in a bear
market, the dollar’s rally is over, and that Gold is the only true alternative to
their nonsense. $Gold has now rallied more than one hundred dollars from the low,
and yet some still see a bear. Bearish technicians will all turn bullish when
Gold gets to “$1,500".

In the short-term, the rally has been in part built on short covering. Being short
Gold has hurt. Given that driver, the recent strength and the over bought conditions,
some kind of rest is certainly possible. A move through the short-term highs, basis, listed above would encourage more buying.

Hold that Gold and Silver!

Updated web cast posted above.

22 January 2016

$Gold:   $1,098
Signal Oscillator:   61%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,132   -$34

$Silver:   $14.06
Signal Oscillator:   65%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $15.19   -$1.13

Despite the beginning of a bear market in near all global stock markets, bullishness
still reigns supreme in U.S. money managers. They just refuse to accept that
he U.S. stock market is broken.  This denial on their part is not surprising as their
livelihood is dependent on the stock market. However, we believe 2016 will be the year
the hedge fund era begins to collapse. Ultimately, that will be good for investors.

Last remaining fantasy on the Street is the dollar. When or why the dollar peaks
this year I do not know. But, the same group claimed that AAPL would be
a trillion dollar market capitalization. Gold has put in a long base going back
to November in range of roughly $1,050 to $1,100. That is beginning to look like at
important development. And when dollar does break it will move higher.

With Gold outperforming stocks and bonds, investors will be drawn to it.
Hold it! Buy it!

8 January 2016

$Gold:   $1,103
Signal Oscillator:   80%   Approaching over bought
200-Day Moving Average: $1,138   -$35

$Silver:   $14.05
Signal Oscillator:   48%   Moving toward over sold
200-Day Moving Average:   $15.3   =$1.25

Had expected the world to change somewhat with the turn of the calendar
to a new year. However, the shift was far more abrupt than expected. Little doubt
that both Chinese and U.S. stock markets are broken. Only viable alternative
to ineptness of governments is Gold. But, while we are definitely excited about Gold’s
move, we are realistic. No market goes straight up or straight down.

On Thursday $Gold moved above $1,110. At that point it was over bought,
and should have traded down on Friday as it did. As same time traders tried to
rally U.S. market on employment numbers. Taken together that demonstrates that
bullishness on equities still remains dominant. Markets this past year have been a giant
“whack a mole” games. Every market, mole, with head stuck up has been whacked.
Only remaining mole with head up is the dollar, and it will get whacked this year.

Published article on the web this week, “
Why Are Gold Stocks Outperforming?”.
It is available on a number of Gold related web sites. Web cast above is new.
Also have updated sample reports.

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18 December, 1630 hrs. EST
AAPL =$106.15
Down 21% from 52-week high: $134.54

18 December 2015

$Gold: $1,067
Signal Oscillator:   60%  Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,145

$Silver:   $14.1
Signal Oscillator:   43%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $15.5

If one looks at the charts of Gold and Silver for the last few months, one
question arises. Why can the sellers not truly crush Gold and Silver? Yes, they keep
pushing them down to slightly lower new lows, but neither seems to stay depressed.
Answer to that question is likely that bear case is now completely over done.
While 2015 was the year that traders talked about Gold and Silver going down,
2016 will be the year they talk about them going up.

Two overly popular investment themes of 2015 are collapsing.

One of those is the U.S. stock market. Any impartial technician would have to conclude
that the U.S. bull market is over. AAPL is a stock to watch. If it breaks $107.6 the stock
will be down 20% from the 52.week high. All those journalists, strategists, and analysts
that had forecast AAPL to become a trillion dollar market cap will have to admit that
AAPL is in a bear market. Gold is THE alternative to stocks.

Second, the forecasts for the dollar are starting fray. Euro was supposed to be at par.
Rather it is about $1.09. Popular dollar index has broken down. All that favors Gold.

11 December 2015

$Gold:   $1,073
Signal Oscillator:   60%   Neutral
200-Day Moving Average:   $1,147
Low:   $1,048   3 December

$Silver:   $13.9
Signal Oscillator:   27%   Oversold
200-Day Moving Average:   $15.5
Low:   $13.7   11 December

Overtime numerous jokes have been made on how one would not want a
daughter to marry any man employed in a number of occupations. To that list
we would add anyone dumb enough to be selling Gold or Silver at current levels.
With the U.S. stock market now approaching near collapse, especially
the NASDAQ 100, one should be buying Gold and Silver.

Over valuation of U.S. dollar now approaching critical level, like just before
a nuclear weapon explodes. The big surprise of 2016 could be how many
foreign entities that have outstanding dollar denominated loans will have
serious financial problems. Many borrowed through dollar denominated
loans years ago, and given the depreciation of the local currency will not be able
to pay back those loans. Which banks and funds have a lot of those loans?

In the December issue of
Value View Gold Report, to be emailed on Tuesday, we talk
about the coming collapse in growth stocks, what the history of the Japanese yen says
about the future of the Chinese Renminbi, and what the Gold stocks are telling us.

27 November 2015

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