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Ned's Random Gold Thoughts

19 December 2019

$Gold: $1,196   Signal Oscillator: 32%   Slightly over sold
$Silver: $16.0   Signal Oscillator: 41%   Neutral, but moving to over sold.

Expect period between now and year end to be fairly quiet. Gold likely to drift slightly
lower, but without much enthusiasm. That should allow the oscillator to further decline
giving a buying opportunity end of year or in first week in January. But, the bottom is in
place. Gold to out perform Western equities in 2015.

GDX: $18.7   Signal Oscillator: 35%   Slightly over sold
GDXJ: $24.1   Signal Oscillator: 21% up from 16%. Giving a Buy signal.

Gold stocks have put in place a major bottom. Year end selling still dominating Gold
stocks. If you like to gamble, the GDXJ may be an opportunity.    

Cumulative Money Flow:
Western Financial Markets to Chinese Stock Market:   ~$11 Billion

12 December 2014

$Gold: $1,223.50   Signal Oscillator:   77%   Slightly over bought.
200 Day Moving Average: $1,267

$Silver: $17.1   Signal Oscillator:   84%  Over bought

With U.S. stock market breaking down and billions flowing to China, investors will soon
have little choice but to turn to alternatives, like Gold and Silver. More than $10 billion has
flowed out of the U.S. dollar into Chinese equities since 17 November, an annualized
rate of flow of $125 billion. The dollar cannot stand up to that kind of selling
for very long, and will crumble.

Both Gold and Silver have broken through the inverted parabolic pattern in which they had
been trapped. That frees both of them to rise further. 2015 is going to be a very nice year
for Gold and Silver investors. Stock groupies will pay for their greed of the past two years.

All of this discussed further in the December issue of
The Value View Gold Report to be mailed on Monday, 15 December.
Subscribe before it is mailed, and we will credit you with $25.

5 December 2014

$Gold: $1,194 Signal Oscillator: 58% Neutral, but trending toward down.
$Silver: $16.25 Signal Oscillator: Neutral

Last week we thought that the oscillators would move down toward over sold. However,
the strong action on Monday in both Gold and Silver came as a surprise, to everyone. On
Monday Gold sold off ~$40 over night to the low. Then, to the surprise of all, Gold rallied
~$70 to the high for the day. For Silver the move from the low to the high was nearly two
dollars. Those impressive intra day reversals should be given considerable respect, at least
in the short-term, for they punished the shorts unmercifully.

December is passing rapidly. Trading activity should soon begin to wane till the new year.
This period of “quiet” may allow an over sold condition to develop. Those that had
intentions to sell Gold and Silver have probably done so in 2014. Conditions are setting up
for Gold and Silver to have a very nice 2015.

We recorded a webcast for on China: The Elephant in the
Vault. The massive flow of money from the West into China’s stock market can not be
ignored. With China now the largest real economy, the impact on the withering West
cannot be ignored. A link is provided in the upper right. Our 30 November Trading
Thoughts begins extensive writing on our research into the impact of the Shanghai-Hong
Kong Stock Connect. Samples of our newsletter linked above have been updated.

28 November 2014

$Gold: $1,168     Signal Oscillator: 52%  Neutral, but moving to over sold.
$Silver: $15.58   Signal Oscillator: 55%   Neutral but moving to over sold.

With light trading on Friday after U.S. holiday, did not take much to move metals down. WTI broke $70,
and for some reason that meant sell metals. Little or no real connection between price of oil and that of
Gold. Kind of one of those fantasies of the Street.

With money flowing out of dollars into Chinese stocks, the end of the dollar rally is nearer. Weak oil prices
should actually hurt the dollar as the U.S. is now again a major oil producer. Oil price drop means U.S.
current account deficit goes up.

Gold is moving toward over sold. Buy signal likely to hit across Gold in most currencies by late next week.
We will advise subscribers. Trading Thoughts will go out Sunday. More discussion
of money flowing out of dollars into Renminbi to buy Chinese stocks.

21 November 2014

$Gold: $1,204    Signal Oscillator: 91% Over Bought
$Silver: $16.6    Signal Oscillator: 78% Rapidly moving to Over Bought

China lowers interest rates and the teenage traders at hedge funds buy U.S. stocks. Really baffled as to how
that makes sense. In any event, Gold extended the move upward as the dollar looks as if it has peaked. All
this nonsense about a secular bull market for the dollar is pure rubbish. The only secular currency market is
the Renminbi. Thus far $4 billion has flowed from Western investors, primarily in the U.S., into the
Chinese stock market. And, it has only been open to them a week! May have article on this out next week.

With Gold now short-term over bought some chance of consolidation next week. That should begin a set up
for a move through $1,250. Hold your Gold, especially if you reside in Europe, and sell the NASDAQ.

14 November 2014

$Gold: $1,188 Oscillator: 58% Neutral
Resistance(1): ~$1,200;   Resistance(2): ~$1,250

$Silver: $16.3 Oscillator: 43% Neutral

Biggest event in financial history happens Monday morning Chinese time, Sunday evening Western time.
Chinese stock market will open to foreign investors through Hong Kong link.
Billions of dollars will flow over time from Western financial markets, primarily U.S., into Chinese stock
market To buy those stocks the funds must sell dollars and buy Renminbi. Renminbi will strengthen and
dollar will weaken. Forget nonsense of secular bull market for dollar. As dollar depreciates versus the
Renminbi $Gold’s value in dollars will rise. Buy Gold. Sell NASDAQ!

November issue of Value View Gold Report to subscribers on 15th.

7 November 2014

$Gold: $1,154    Signal Oscillator: 7% Remains Oversold
Gold remains a strong buy.

$Silver: $15.65    Signal Oscillator: 13% Remains Oversold
Silver remains a strong buy.

U.S. voters rejected totally the tyranny of the Obama regime. On Wednesday, after the Republican surge,
Street found another reason, though a fallacious one, to buy the dollar. U.S. dollar is in a massive parabolic
rise. These formations always fail, and do so in dramatic fashion. All this to be explored in November news
letter, due 15 November. Gold is setting up for a rise in the coming year that will shock the Street, and
cause Cramer to stutter and spit. (Which should be fun to watch.) Would not be surprised if Cramer is
recommending Gold this time next year.

And this morning, Putin sent armored column into the Ukraine. With Obama now neutered, Putin has no
fear. Noone in the world fears or respects a lame duck leader when the government has been taken over by
the opposition. Ultimately, Putin will send Gold up dramatically.

Hold on to your Gold, 2015 is going to be a lot more fun!